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Welcome to our Library of Resources

We will be uploading all of our resources here soon.  If you have enrolled for a course you will have free access via the button below.

This feature will go live mid-August 2024.

“Success Academies provided my daughter with GCSE combined Science. This could have been a real struggle as it was content that would have been over 2 years if in school but it was managed in less than a year with 3 hourly sessions a week.  
My daughter has ADHD and social anxiety and has been out of school for all of year 11. 
Success Academies were able to secure a fantastic learning experience each session, gaining my daughter’s trust and confidence ( even with my daughter preferring to have the camera off)
As a parent I felt completely confident and satisfied that my daughter was receiving all the teaching she required, in a manner that she felt able to ask answer and ask questions without fear of being wrong.  
I have had excellent email communication each week with Success Academies with feedback. 
I would throughly recommend this services."

JC, East Sussex

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