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Enrol for our Homeschooling and After School courses here

Below you will find details of any courses that we are currently taking enrolment for

If you have any questions, please click the button to email us.

Core Provision Homeschooling Package

Our Core provision homeschooling package is now bookable for September 2024.

For £35 a week your child gets the following:

  • 6 hours a week of live online lessons - 2 English, 2 Maths and 2 Science

  • Access to our online learning platform, with weekly tasks set by tutors in all subjects

  • Half termly progress reports with targets

Available at KS3 and KS4 (75 places in each)

There is simply not a Homeschooling Package that offers anywhere near this level of value!!

Our 'Pick N Mix' Homeschool Solution

Here you can enrol for individual components of the Core Provision Package.

Perfect if you want the value and high levels of service we offer, but do not need all of the subjects or access to an online learning platform.  You simply Pick N Mix what your child needs!


  • 2 live lessons a week (English, Maths or Science) - £12 per subject, per week

  • 2 live lessons a week (as above) Plus, access to the online learning environment - £15 per subject, per week

  • Access to our online learning platform and weekly 'teacher set' tasks - £5 per week (for all subjects)

(Please note that the half termly progress report is only a feature of the full Core Provision Package)

After School Classes

We are not just all about Homeschooling, we like to offer our unique and low cost services to everyone!

Our After School classes run in English, Maths and Science during term time and are available on evenings and weekends in timetabled slots.

This is the perfect way to supplement your in-school learning and stay ahead of the curve!

You can enrol for all 3 subjects, or just 1 or 2


  • All 3 subjects (English, Maths and Science) - £30 per week

  • Individual subjects - £12 per week

  • Access to our online learning environment with weekly 'teacher set' tasks can be added on - £5 per week

Please note that all of the above prices are for enrolment to the services offered.  All payments constitute a deposit and this will be deducted from your first invoice.  
Success Academies offers a choice of invoice frequency: Weekly, Every 4 weeks, 1/2 termly, termly or annually.
Success Academies does not offer contracts for its services and as such you are free to cease using our services at any time.  If you have pre-paid for our services, please email us at and we will arrange a refund for any services you no longer require.
Success Academies cannot provide a refund for enrolment deposit fees. 
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